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Spantan Handheld Kindling Splitter



Color: Cast Iron



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Prepping a fire—the Nordic way

Nothing beats time spent around a fire—whether it’s a humble, crackling fire in the living room during the dead of winter or a roaring bonfire in the backyard fire pit during a long summer night. Having the proper kindling to keep the party going is all too important to make the most out of your fire time, which is why Stikkan developed their simple, yet genius, Spantan double-handled kindling knife. It makes short work of splitting small softwood logs for kindling, and its lightweight build lets you use it for the firepit at home or to build a bonfire out in the woods.

  • Simple, easy-to-use wood splitter that makes kindling fast
  • Double-handle design lets you use both hands for added stability and force
  • Built from heavy-duty cast iron that can easily split softwoods
  • Anodized zinc finish for corrosion protection
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Made in Sweden

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