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Chances are you recognize Stanley’s legendary vacuum-sealed thermoses — simple olive-colored vessels like the one that probably shared trunk space with your grandpa’s old tackle box. They’re piping-hot outdoor classics, rising from humble Seattle origins to become the go-to insulated thermos for over 100 years worth of campers, soldiers, tradesmen, and coffee drinkers. Now fast forward to 2018, and they’re still using the same vacuum-insulated construction that’s made them famous in everything from their tough-as-nails Master Series to the brand new Ceramivac collection — the latest addition to their thermos lineup, combining uncompromising temperature regulation with the smooth-fired feel of your favorite ceramic mug.

The same durable outdoor tech Stanley puts into their thermoses also goes into making the growlers, mugs, and amazing expandable French press and Basecamp Cook Sets in our shop. So if you’re heading outdoor, load up. Those guys who used the original Stanleys in 1913 would be proud.

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