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Stand Desk

As recent converts from “team sit” to “team stand,” we looked at an awful lot of desk options for our workspaces, and the newly Kickstarted Stand Desk is quite simply, the best we could find. Balancing simplicity, ease of use and best-in-class pricing with the scientifically proven health benefits of standing up at work, the Stand Desk is designed to breathe new life into your productivity and make the “2 PM slump” a thing of the past.

And before you dismiss standing as another workplace fad, consider the scientific research it’s backed by: how you can dramatically reduce back pain, prevent headaches, and boost concentration and energy levels by relieving pressure on your lower back simply by standing during work. Speaking of which, did you know that standing for three hours a day for five days a week yields enough burned calories for up to eight pounds of weight loss over the course of a year? In addition to the health benefits, the Stand Desk brings to the table a whole host of intuitive user-friendliness, including programmable height settings which can be actuated or customized at the push of a button, and a sleek cable management system to keep your workspace professional and tidy. Take a ahem stand for productivity and bring your work space to the ahem next level. Ok, we’ll stop now.

Click here to learn more about Stand Desk.

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