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Stable Goods

Stable Goods

No two bits about it: the Pint is one of the coolest water bottles we’ve seen in a long time. Insulated, good-looking and with built-in three-in-one functionality, the Pint is about to streamline your loadout by replacing in one fell swoop your separate coffee cup, beer mug and water bottle.

Stable Goods Co.’s Kickstarter campaign for the Pint water bottle raised over 10 times its funding goal, and after seeing the insanely creative concept we were hardly surprised. The clever twist is that the Pint transforms for dual benefits: Remove the base for an incredibly easy-to-clean bottle, then invert the body and plant it directly on the base to instantly turn the Pint into a goblet perfect for an ice cold beer. And thanks to its stainless steel double-walled construction, your beverages stay frosty, even when you’re cozied right up next to the campfire. Obviously, Stable Goods didn’t stop at just beer though – the Pint is a true workhorse of a vessel that can handily carry and insulate water, coffee, and just about anything between, changing shape to accommodate whatever liquid it’s filled with. There’s really not much more you can ask for from a water bottle.

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