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Color: Stainless Steel




A solid steel system that turns ordinary fire logs into a stove, fire pit, and fire ring in a few simple steps

At the intersection of simplicity and toughness, Sportes Inc. crafts their steel camping equipment to make the most of your time outdoors. Pared down to the elements, the MITI-XL camping stove uses the firewood itself as a structural component, burning from the inside out. The laser-cut eighth-inch thick steel plate not only creates a stable surface for cooking, you also get a campfire like none you’ve ever seen.

  • A laser cut steel stove for use atop four split logs
  • Made from incredibly strong 304L stainless steel
  • Steel is ⅛” thick for lasting durability
  • Four anchoring steel rods stabilize the stove on the wood logs
  • Fits onto four logs measuring 12” - 14” long and with a combined diameter of 12” to 14”
  • Made in Canada

As with all fire-related tools and equipment, handle the MITI with extreme care. Follow all directions included with the product.

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