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Kentucky 74


Color: Brown



This is a final sale item

The flavor and enjoyment of bourbon cocktails without the alcohol

How do you get all the flavor, ritual, and relaxation of a classic whiskey cocktail with zero chance of a hangover? Just remove the alcohol. That sounds easier said than done so we left that part up to the distilling mad scientists over at Spiritless. Their Kentucky 74 has the smoke, the oak, the notes of vanilla, just like you’d find in a Kentucky bourbon, but with 0.5% ABV. Use it in a whiskey sour, an old fashioned, or a manhattan—heck drink all three, you’ll still wake up feeling 100% in the morning.

  • A distilled non-alcoholic spirit for use in bourbon cocktails
  • Great option for folks who don't drink but still want to be part of the fun
  • Use it as a one-to-one replacement for bourbon
  • Substitute it for half the bourbon in your drink for a cocktail with reduced alcohol
  • High-quality flavor has a smooth finish with the familiar notes of caramel, vanilla, oak, and smoke