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Spark Grills

“This high-tech charcoal grill marries the convenience of gas with the flavor of charcoal.” - Wired

The future of grilling is now. The mad geniuses behind Spark Grills figured out how to package up all the delicious flavors of charcoal grilling into a sleek, innovative design that removes all the manual effort and tedious mess of cooking with fiery charcoal. With a temperature range of 250 - 900°F you can low-temp slow cook, mid-temp grill, and crank it up to high heat for searing and pizza making using the precision turn dial to find that just-right consistent temp. Just pop in one of their compostable charcoal Briqs, and you’ll get all those smoky flavors with zero hassle. Spark's bluetooth enabled App connects to monitor grill and food temps for you so you can cook perfect steak, pizza, or rack of ribs without having to babysit those flames.