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Guys: the future of audio is here, and it’s easier than putting on a record. Most mornings, Huckberry HQ is rocking to the sounds coming from one of our three Sonos — the astonishingly simple system that enables you to play your entire library of music through premium wireless speakers — and control them from a single app. That’s it. If only finding the perfect gift were that easy...nudge nudge.

Have a small to medium sized space? Get the powerful but streamlined PLAY:3. Have a larger apartment or living space? Upgrade to the PLAY:5 for crisp highs and low lows with immersive, room-filling sound. Even better, you can use the same app to pair multiple speakers and fill your entire house with rich, vibrant sound. Speaking of your house, want to scare the neighbors when the volume goes up? Pair the svelte, yet stunningly powerful Sonos SUB to your speaker setup and double-down on those soul-shaking notes. Don’t worry though, this ‘woofer is actually built with two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face to give you the depth you crave without cabinet buzz or rattle. Sonos even has a solution for the theater junkie, the PLAYBAR — an extra-wide speaker that perfectly complements your HDTV experience, and can also be paired with the rest of your Sonos audio system.

So ditch the mess of cables carefully hidden behind your home stereo system and leave the past in the dust with a listening experience that would make any audiophile jealous — all without leaving your seat.

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