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Solo Stove

Bonfire - Portable Fire Pit



Color: Stainless Steel




Engineered to burn completely and efficiently, Solo Stoves are fire like you’ve never seen before

The Solo Stove takes wood-burning fires up a notch with a stainless steel body and engineered airflow that burns wood more efficiently and with less smoke. The Bonfire is a sleek centerpiece for any backyard, campground, or beach cookout that provides a wood-burning fire with low smoke and big flames.

Please note this item is available for domestic US delivery only.

  • Sleek, modern centerpiece for any backyard bonfire
  • Specially engineered to burn wood more efficiently and with less smoke
  • Easily start and maintain a contained wood-burning fire
  • Made from 304 stainless steel that’s corrosion resistant in all conditions

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