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Solo Stove

With the Solo Stove Bonfire, it’s all about the smoke — the lack of smoke, to be specific. Imagine this stainless steel marvel as the centerpiece to your next backyard hangout, with a roaring bonfire inside that produces no smoke. We know it’s hard to believe, but take our word for it — you can forget walking circles around the bonfire trying to find the non-smoking section. It’s all thanks to their ingenious design, which encourages airflow not only to the bottom of the fire to fuel the flames but also to the top of the fire with it helps the smoke combust, making for a smokeless fire with roaring flames. And thanks to a streamlined design that makes it pretty darn portable for a fire pit — toss it in the trunk or the truck bed for your next camping trip or beach bonfire, and just set it down wherever want to get to roastin’ some marshmallows.

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