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Made in the USA

Two 8 oz Filet Mignon Steaks + Jacobsen Black Pepper Infused Salt package in Multi


Color: Multi

8 oz each
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Hands-down the best beef in America—delivered straight to your door

Always sustainable, always humane, and always mouth-watering—Snake River Farms does beef differently. They’re constantly raking in awards for their top-tier quality, and other folks in the beef business use Snake River as the North Star for operation and execution. Because their American Wagyu Filet Mignon Steaks are so flavorful and tender, the only thing needed when you cook ‘em up is a little salt and pepper. And we can’t think of a better salt than Jacobson’s hand-harvested sea salt from the Oregon coast. With two SRF steaks and a jar from Jacobsen, you’ll be getting dangerously close to American Wagyu perfection.

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  • Two hand-cut, black grade American Wagyu Filet Mignon Steaks and a jar of Jacobsen Black Pepper-Infused Salt
  • SRF filet mignon is so fine-grained it can be cut with a fork
  • The delectable and full-flavored steak only needs salt and cracked pepper to season
  • Jacobsen Salt Co. in Portland, Oregon hand-harvests salt from the Oregon coast and infuses is with freshly ground peppercorns, creating the ideal complement to the steaks
  • Beef Grade: SRF Black Grade—Higher than USDA Prime
  • Two Filet Mignon Steaks: approximately 8 oz each
  • One Jar Jacobsen Black Pepper Infused Salt: 3.5 oz

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