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Sleepy Jones

The truth is, we can’t spend our entire time outdoors. We gotta allow ourselves some time to wind down, relax, and maybe sit in our favorite chair while sipping a beverage or three and slowly flipping through old issues of National Geographic (okay, maybe Netflix). And that’s why we’re proud to introduce Sleepy Jones, the finest indoor clothes we've ever cozied up with. These luxurious silk and 100% cotton loungewear pieces are constructed with as much care as your nicest shirts, meaning every stitch is thoughtfully considered and meant to last throughout a lifetime of serious relaxation. Designed by apparel legend Andy Spade (yep, Kate's husband), Sleepy Jones draws from the enviable "I make my own schedule" lifestyle of artists and adds a hefty dash of fanciness that makes pieces like the Bettina Cardigan just as wearable on a night out as a night in. Taken as a whole, the Sleepy Jones collection reminds us of a favorite Charles Eames quote: "Take your pleasure seriously." Now, don't mind us while we head back to the couch.

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