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Ask anyone at Huckberry HQ and they’ll agree, Alpacas are among the world’s most under-rated animals. Not only do they conquer treacherous hiking trails on the daily (and occasionally catch some waves), but their wool is just about the highest performing natural fiber produced on the planet. The husband and wife team behind Shupaca knows what we’re talkin’ about. Ethically sourcing silky smooth Alpaca wool from hundreds of artisans outside of Ecuador’s capital, they perfectly nail the sweet spot between stylish, modern detailing and Alpaca wool’s impressive, literally ancient heritage (it used to be reserved for Incan royalty.) In our shop, we have a deep selection of Shupaca’s throws and pillows. Not only are they so ridiculously soft that you’ll never want to leave your bed again, but thanks to Alpaca’s natural moisture-wicking, insulating qualities, they’ll keep you super-warm while also letting your skin breathe. The next time you run into an Alpaca, thank him for us.

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