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Pre-Owned, Vintage & Limited-Edition Watches

Vintage Watches

A watch represents much more than the passing of minutes. It represents how that time is spent. After all, it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years, right? Case in point: this collection of interesting, vintage, and modern pre-owned watches from around the globe. Best of all is how every watch is gently pre-loved and more affordable than ever, and ready for another lifetime of faithful service. Expect each watch to come with its own unique wabi (ensuring no two watches in the collection are exactly alike), but rest assured they're all ready to serve you as soon as they hit your door. Aside from holding their places in watchmaking history, each iconic style was built to ride along for many lifetimes well-lived.

Fog City’s collectors hunted down these three rare vintage Rolexes exclusively for our shop—and once each one’s gone, it’s gone for good