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After firing up an Ooni pizza oven, a saying came to mind: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Specifically, a power so great, you can summon an outrageously delicious wood-fired pizza from scratch in 60 seconds flat. Ooni’s grub-time game changers are designed in Finland to create the kind of unmistakable gourmet pizza flavor your indoor oven can only dream of. They’re capable of heating to a blazing, pizza-friendly 900°F in a flash, so you can get started the second your craving strikes. And here’s the pepperoni on top—Ooni’s ovens have a sleek, handsome design that makes them as pleasing to the eye as to the tastebuds. Whether you use your new pizza-making powers to pass some over the fence to your nosy neighbors is up to you. Just remember, “with great pizza-making powers comes the responsibility to share the ‘za every once in a while.”