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The world’s smallest production lighter. A wooden bottle opener, sophisticated in its rustic simplicity. Whiskey stones milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the U.S. These are the types of products you’ll find in The General Store, a shop we update periodically with unique treasures we’ve discovered while turning over stones in the rest of our curated shops. Over time, our General Store findings have become totems of Huckberry, and objects of affection around here in our office, meaning we want you to enjoy them as much as we do. To put it another way, we think we've built the trappings of the world’s coolest gift shop. On a quest for the holy grail of groomsmen or corporate gifts? Email [email protected] for white glove service and special rates.

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UsamadeeElastic Precision PPK Rubber Band Gun
Callout callout 2x wildsam greatgift



Need a gift for a friend with wanderlust? A Wildsam guide (or six) will give him all the local knowledge

UsamadeeWildsam Field Guides New Orleans Field Guide
UsamadeeWildsam Field Guides Brooklyn Field Guide
UsamadeeWildsam Field Guides Nashville Field Guide
UsamadeeWildsam Field Guides Detroit Field Guide
Companion Craftworks Blanket + Leather Carrier
Areaware Table Tiles (Set of 2)
Callout callout 2x calloutshuckhat


USA-made by Ebbets Field Flannels, we've got a soft spot for our Explorer's Caps and the roaming we hope they inspire this winter season

UsamadeeHuckberry Explorer's Cap
Form•Function•Form Horween Leather Timex Weekender
Callout callout 2x callout 2x weekenderhorween


Our Timex Weekender has been fitted with a form•function•form Horween leather strap; called a "foolproof pairing" by Esquire 

Pictured: Horween Leather Timex Weekender
W&P Design Carry-on Cocktail Kit (Old Fashioned)
W&P Design Carry-on Cocktail Kit (Moscow Mule)
Areaware Home Wine Stopper (Set of 3)
MixedMade Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha - 2 Pack
UsamadeeFour Barrel 12 oz Bag - Friendo Blendo
The Created Co. Explore Mug (Set of 2)
Indoek Indoek Venice Issue
Callout callout 2x annin callout 04
UsamadeeAnnin Flagmakers Commodore Perry Flag
UsamadeeAnnin Flagmakers POW-MIA Flag
UsamadeeNorden Monhegan Candle
UsamadeeWe Took to the Woods Whiskey River Candle