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Flint and Tinder: High Desert Collection

Stacked high on the desks of the Flint and Tinder designers, you’ll find vintage safari catalogs that chronicle the wild adventures of explorers in the Serengeti—with folks decked out in rugged, earth-toned shades and a set of binoculars slung over one shoulder. Endless style and necessary functionality packed into each layer, the Flint and Tinder designers hit their drawing boards, crafting their first capsule collection that pays homage to these explorers of the past, while equipping those of the future. Introducing the High Desert Collection: a modern lineup of pieces that pack a punch in the field, and offer a timeless, heritage style that spans beyond the destinations of an open-air Jeep. We took the High Desert Collection to Joshua Tree—an oasis carved in the Earth by centuries of sandy winds—for a quick escape to test these well-crafted pieces. The sweltering heat and dry desert air were tough, but the High Desert Collection was tougher, keeping us calm, cool, and collected from the second we laid eyes on the remarkable landscape to the final moments before we peeled out, heading back home until the next adventure.