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Father's Day

The most direct way isn’t always the best. That’s one of the many lessons you learned as a kid, riding shotgun with Dad. On the drive to Yosemite, when a downed tree sent him reaching for his trusty road atlas, you learned the pleasures of impromptu car camping. On a weekend trip, he turned down the “Rambling Man” guitar solo to point out the pond where he played hockey—the same pond where his infamous “ice fishing incident” went down. You’d get where you were going eventually, but it was the off-map detours, wrong turns, roadside attractions, and so, so, so many stories that made it memorable. On Father’s Day, it’s your turn to take the wheel and return the favor. We’re loaded up on new gifts so you can teach Dad a couple things for once, and gear up for all the long, winding stories still in the making.