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Shine Craft Vessels

With 64 ounces of microbrew-portaging goodness, the handsome Growlers from Shine Craft Vessel Co. will make you think twice about ever carrying a 12-pack again. Based out of Virginia, they have created a line of sleek stainless-steel beer-portaging vessels that deserve to be displayed proudly and poured generously. The Wander and Rumble features a deep-threaded screw on cap that ensures a snug leak-free fit, and comes etched with all the necessary “small print” to legally allow breweries to fill outside growlers. Every vessel is 100% BPA-free and built using a high-grade passivation process that eliminates any metallic aftertaste. And with a portion of every sale is donated to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, you can get a little feel-good to go with your buzz.

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