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Shetland Woollen Company

Shetland Woollen Company

We're gonna whisper this to you so our techy San Francisco neighbors don't hear: technological advances don't always result in a better product. Look, we're far from a group of Luddites — we're an online shop, after all. But some of the best stuff is done the old-fashioned way. Shetland Woollen Company is a shining example. Shetland sheep (Google 'em, they're seriously cool looking) have been bred and raised for roughly 5000 years in Scotland and prized for their incomparable wool. It's some of the finest, unreasonably soft fabric on the planet — and it's no slouch in the utility department either. Shetland sweaters were worn by the first, courageous men to ascend Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary included. Since then, they've become a fixture of well-appointed closets the world over, even making their way into the wardrobe of JFK. But beyond their warmth and thrice-brushed softness, it's their shaggy dog appearance that's made 'em a style staple. Not to mention that swaggerin' Mick Jagger has been known to pull one on when things get chilly. So this year, we won't be waiting for someone to reinvent the wheel. We'll be wearing the classic crewnecks trusted by men for generations on end.

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