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Shamma Sandals

Mountain Goats



Color: Black



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Minimalist sandals designed to become an extension of your foot

Sensory feedback, freedom of movement, a natural gait—for advocates of minimalist footwear, getting as close as possible to wearing no shoes at all is the best way to hike, run, and just go about the day. And Shamma Sandals are about as minimal as it gets. Handmade in a small workshop in the California Redwoods, each pair of Shammas feature an innovative lacing system paired to responsive soles for unfettered movement no matter where you’re headed. Built for the mountains, Shamma Mountain Goats will give you all the feedback you need when backpacking the Sierras Nevadas, day hiking the Pemigewasset Wilderness, or just exploring the neighborhood.

  • A tough, minimalist sandal for exploring rugged terrain
  • Vibram Newflex and Morflex minimalist sole is ideal for rough, uneven surfaces and muddy trails
  • All-terrain tread keeps you grounded
  • Shamma’s Elite Lacing System keeps the sole secured to your foot
  • Three-way adjustment accommodates a variety of foot shapes and fit preferences
  • Ultrasuede lining on the straps keep your feet comfortable and blister-free
  • Ultragrip footbed maximizes contact with your foot
  • No-slip insole/outsole post design keeps the heel strap up and in position at all times
  • Designed to handle water crossings, allowing water to exit via relief channeling
  • Handmade in USA

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