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HD 4.50 BTNC - Travel Headphones



Color: Black




Headphones designed for clarity, mobility, durability, and flexibility

Between the endless new music coming out and the titillating content of your favorite podcasts, having a pair of excellent headphones has gone from a luxury to a necessity. Sennheiser’s latest generation of wireless headphones adapts to your movements and keeps you engaged with what you want to hear—you know, rather than getting distracted trying to untangle your earbuds for 15 minutes...

The Travel Headphones are aptly named as they are perfectly suited for exactly that, traveling. Their foldable, robust design allows them to withstand the tribulations of movement while staying compact when space is limited. Also, let’s be frank: traveling is noisy and stressful. Sometimes you need the ability to drown out your surroundings and enjoy some familiar sounds.

  • Noise cancellation, NoiseGard™ technology allows for ambient, outside noise to be completely removed while focusing on your tunes
  • Stunning, high-definition sound and wireless Bluetooth connectivity give you freedom of mobility and versatility with your auditory experience
  • Includes carrying case, audio cable with multiple jack plugs, USB charging cable with and micro-USB connector
  • Integrated microphones allow you to make and receive calls, change tracks, or adjust the volume in a breeze
  • With its around-ear design and deep, ergonomic ear pads, you can enjoy long listening sessions in total luxury
  • Battery life of up to 25 hours can get you through even the longest travels in one charge

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