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We all know the importance of “horses for courses” or using the right tool for the job, but the right glass for the beer? With suds that run the gamut from hop-heavy IPAs to light and nuanced Pilsners, it only makes sense that “one size fits all” might not be the right solution. That’s why Sempli has developed an eye catching glassware line with glasses designed specifically to highlight the characteristics of your favorite amber beverages: beer and whiskey. The Cupa Rocks glass makes clever use of a conical base that rotates the glass when it’s set down, oxygenating the spirits inside for maximum aroma. Meanwhile, the beer glasses are designed with angular side to make it easy to get the perfect pour every time. The IPA glass uses a unique double chamber to give hops room to breathe, while the slender taper of the Pilsner glass promotes head retention and showcases the clarity of the beer. And the clean, geometric lines look great even when they’re not being used to serve the latest hop bomb. Each style comes in a pair, so give your beer-loving friend a set and hope they share a drink in gratitude, or hook them up with the full Taste Set to really knock their socks off.

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