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Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit Set



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Superbly distilled, non-alcoholic spirits with a 17th century background and worldwide popularity

The end of a long day can call for a stiff drink, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re participating in “Dry January”, taking the necessary role of DD, or simply trying to cut back on the booze, there’s no reason to not enjoy the flavors and celebration that always come with a cocktail. Seedlip is rethinking the way we enjoy a drink, and their line of distilled, non-alcoholic spirits has over 300 years of familial gardening practice to back their careful ingredient selection and mastery level distilling process.

Don’t be fooled, though, our Home Buyer, Meg Muirhead, added some booze to her Seedlip recipe and, in her words, “it was the best way to turn a ‘mocktail’ into a full-fledged cocktail. No artificial ingredients, no overpowering sweetness. Simply put: all the flavor you hoped for in a simple, adult beverage, without the nonsense”.

  • This bundle includes all three of Seedlips best-selling spirits: Grove 42, Spice 94, and Garden 108
  • Recipes and distillation process inspired from the 1695 book The Art of Distillation
  • All gardening and ingredient selection comes from Seedlip’s founder, Ben Branson, familial farming history that spans back over 300 years
  • Each bottle showcases distinct flavors and can be paired perfectly with your favorite choice of booze
  • 24 oz sized bottles
  • Distilled and bottled in England