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Buckle up, we're throwing out the rule book. See, normally, we write these brand stories from a disembodied, third-person perspective but not today. I'm an editor here at Huckberry and I'm addressing you, dear reader, directly because I'm obsessed with Schott. These are jackets with a cult-like fanbase for a whole host of reasons we don't even have the space to cover. But for starters, they are the real-deal OGs of the leather jacket world. I mean it. Their history stretches back far and their influence is without equal. They were the first manufacturer ever to put a zipper on a jacket. A zipper! Back in 1913, Schott developed the moto jacket as we know it today. The cultural response was modest, but they found some traction wholesaling to Harley Davidson dealers. Then in 1953, with the release of Marlon Brando's leather-clad turn in “The Wild One,” the moto jacket’s popularity and association with badassery only grew. From there, the Schott leather jacket's connection to youth culture was cemented by the likes of James Dean, and later, The Ramones, along with the early punk scene of downtown New York. It’s been iconic from then on, inseparable from the idea that its wearers gleefully reject the dominant cultural norms of their day. I could go on on and on about how Schott also held government contracts to craft jackets for WWII servicemen or how their jackets are still worn by today's rock stars and rebels. But maybe the most persuasive testament to Schott is my own devotion. My leather jacket is my second skin. I'm teased around Huckberry HQ for how often I wear it, even in unlikely places like the craggy trails of Cornwall or the foggy beaches of San Francisco. For me, it's the unimpeachable king of my closet. It makes me feel invincible. And now, for the first time ever on Huckberry, you can secure one of your own. 'Cause you sure as hell can't have mine.

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