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When’s the last time you had a pair of headphones you could toss in your front pocket and head out for a long weekend with? Probably never – because wires are always gunkin’ things up, getting tangled, and sticking in your pockets, even on headphones billed as “wireless”. That’s why we’ve loved Schatzii’s wireless Bullet 2.0's ever since we first got our hands on ‘em. Each bud is totally without-wires, and magnetically locks back into its super-portable charger case for safe travels. These make primo gifts too, especially for an athlete or techie. You can pop ‘em in to make a quick call, Bluetooth style. Or queue “Eye of the Tiger” and wear ‘em for a jog through the park. The charger case is good for 12 full charges without needing more juice, and its built-in USB connection lets you do a little phone or tablet charging on the side. Frankly the future is here. It’s time for you to ditch wires for good.

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