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Dinosaur Bone + Amber Damascus Knife



Color: Bone / Amber




At 150 million years old, dinosaur bone is a rare and wondrous thing.

Brontosaurus dinosaurs were very large four-legged creatures with elephant-sized feet and long necks. We commonly refer to them as brontosaurus. Today we find only the occasional remains of these large creatures.   Fortunately, some of their bones were rapidly covered by mud and sand coating the bones shortly after death thus petrifying it and bringing the bone marrow in the cells cavities into a colorful visual finish. It is found in Shianrump of the Chinle formation in the four-corners area of northwest New Mexico and Utah.   This specimen is not considered a loss to the scientific community- there are plenty of bone fragments available for study. 

Due to shipping regulations this item is unavailable for international delivery.

Damascus Steel is characterized by it’s strength, edge holding ability, and it’s dramatic appearance. The Damascus Steel used in these knives comes from Japan and is called “Sanmai Damascus” or Sandwich Damascus. There is a core of vg-10 steel with 16 layers of stainless steel on each side to produce a rust-free Damascus look blade.

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