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Ever thought about what it would take to make you quit your job and go off on your own? For Sabah founder Mickey Ashmore, it was a couple years spent in Turkey—where he fell in love with the culture and also a particular pair of slip-ons that quickly became his go-to’s. One thing led to another, and Mickey was creating new shoes with the cobblers that made his original pair. He dubbed the creations Sabahs, the Turkish word for “morning,” because they’re shoes you’re supposed to throw on in the morning and wear all day. They’re still cut and sewn entirely by hand by traditional Turkish shoemakers, but Mickey put his own city-friendly twist on them with a cleaner design, and a resoleable construction. Straight up, they’re some of the comfiest and sharpest slip-ons we’ve worn—and they just get better the more you wear them.

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