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Rylo 360° Action Camera



Color: Black



This is a final sale item

The high resolution, 360° adventure camera that makes any adventure truly unforgettable

Capture everything from your weekend skiing in Tahoe, your trek through Machu Picchu, to your family vacation to Hawaii with the help of Rylo for endless memories you’ll get to relive for years to come. Rylo is the pocket-sized, 5.8k resolution video camera with full 360° filming that’s changing the way we capture every adventure, every trip, and every angle of our favorite experiences. The Action Camera let’s you become a one-man camera crew while knee deep in whatever activity you find yourself in for complete coverage of you and your buds soaking up the unforgettable experience.

  • Captures everything in 360° all around you in beautiful 5.8K resolution, letting you share vivid and realistic scenes loaded with details
  • Integrated horizon-leveling technology creates a stabilizing effect, similar to a steadicam, making your videos rock solid and steady from frame one
  • Dual wide-angle lenses use intuitive videography to capture everything around you
  • You can frame a perfectly stable HD video or share a fully immersive 360° spherical video
  • Connect Rylo to your phone with the bundled sync cable to watch, edit, and share your videos in the moment
  • The Rylo App provides a simple and professional editing experience for an incredible final product
  • The Rylo ViewFinder lets you easily switch between front camera to back camera footage and everywhere in between
  • Small enough to stash in your bag yet tough enough to brave the elements
  • Covered in lightweight and durable aluminum
  • Pair it with either of the cases for a weatherproof experience
  • Applicable with iPhone, Android, and macOS