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Rotate North

Rotate North

“Time is forever, let’s make something permanent” —Rotate North

We like the way these guys view the watch game. Nothing about a Rotate North watch is pretentious or trendy, because in order to be permanent, you have to outlive the present and focus on the future. Some might think it's ironic then that RN uses heritage watch designs as their main inspiration, but we think it’s necessary for their quest for permanence. They use iconic blueprints like the field watch and pilot watch designs, which have thrived through centuries of taste changes. So yeah, we’ll bet a Rotate North will be just as “vogue” today as it will when your grandkid inherits it. But in order to maintain their staying power, they ensured every spring, gear, and component was built to last, and assembled with quality craftsmanship by skilled watchmakers in Germany and Switzerland. Maybe we’re just hopeless watch-loving romantics, but we like to think that even centuries from now, folks will still be rocking quality watches like these.

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