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ROAM Adventure Co.

If you see someone from ROAM indoors, that’s pretty rare—they’re probably just mapping out their next destination or grabbing some reserve beers for their trip. In fact, the folks at ROAM are just a little more comfortable if there’s some dirt on their jeans, the smell of campfire smoke in their hair, and a little motor oil on their t-shirts. For them, the outdoors are home, and all those days spent in nature allowed them to engineer some of the finest camping and exploring gear we’ve ever gotten our hands on. From overhauled packing cases to expertly-crafted rooftop tents, they’ve got a knack for making our camping necessities even more rugged and ready for the most remote destinations imaginable. After all, if it’s found on a map, there’s a strong chance ROAM’s been there with their kickass gear along for the ride.

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