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Ritual Zero Proof

Whiskey Alternative


Color: Red/White



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The same great taste as your favorite spirit, without the alcohol or calories

We used to think “zero proof spirits” were a bit of an oxymoron until we started thinking about it like this: Say you’ve got a big presentation first thing in the morning at work tomorrow. You just finished washing the dishes from an excellent dinner, and you’re ready to settle into your favorite chair with a cocktail in hand. But you obviously don’t want that foggy hangover feeling clouding up your head while you slog through your slide deck and hope no one notices. Opt for a mocktail with Ritual Zero Proof’s true-to-taste and alcohol free spirits, and you don’t have to choose one or the other. Enjoy the taste of your favorite cocktail and spring out of bed the next morning without even the slightest hint of a foggy thought. Now take that thinking and apply it to other areas of your life—training for a marathon, sticking to a diet, trying to sleep better—and you can see where having the choice of a mocktail over a cocktail starts to come in real handy.

  • All the heat and spice of an American whiskey in a zero proof recipe
  • Use it the same way you would use a traditional spirit—on the rocks or in your favorite cocktails
  • Naturally zero alcohol throughout the entire crafting process
  • Developed in conjunction master chefs and bartenders to nail the flavor and experience of a traditional spirit
  • Low calorie, nut free, gluten free, and free of GMO ingredients
  • 750 mL bottle, same size as a bottle of wine