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Today’s world is a safer place thanks in large part to our U.S. Navy SEALs and the NSW community, but not without a significant sacrifice from those warriors, support personnel, and their families. There is the sacrifice of time as families are apart; the sacrifice of safety for those risking their lives; and, at times, the ultimate sacrifice—losing their lives for the pursuit of freedom.
— The Navy SEAL Foundation

After teaming up with Ridge Wallet last spring to send care packages to Navy SEALs deployed overseas, we immediately started brainstorming ways to set up a longer-term commitment. We read up on the work of the Navy SEAL Foundation, one of the nation’s most respected armed forces nonprofits and thought yep, that’s the one. Their comprehensive work with Naval Warfare Specialists is truly invaluable, providing them and their families with the resources to stay resilient, get their educations paid for, seek the best medical treatment available, and find fulfilling civilian careers once they’re back home. 10% of the proceeds from our exclusive Navy SEAL Ridge wallet goes straight to them. And really, it’s the least we can do for the men who sacrifice so much every single day for our freedom, our nation, and our way of life.

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