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Revival Rugs

“They really tie the room together.”—The Dude

Turkey is legendary for its high-quality handcrafted rugs, but whether you’re scraping the internet or haggling in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, finding one for less than several thousand dollars is next to impossible. That’s where Revival Rugs comes in, carefully selecting one-of-a-kind vintage rugs from all over Turkey and sending them directly to your door for way less than market price (like, less than half)—something completely unheard of in this marked-up industry.

Leaving no stone unturned, Revival Rugs recently found themselves in Morocco—another hub for priceless, vintage rugs—where they found similar success to the Turkish rugs that put them on the map. Once again, they hit the jackpot. The latest collection of Moroccan rugs highlight the styles, influences, and culture of this historic country. Known for decades as an escape for writers, artists, and musicians to seek a new muse or a spark of inspiration, Morocco’s vintage rugs embody the spirit of the people and the influence their culture has on so many creatives past, present, and future. So go ahead, remove that machine-made Gåser rug from your Ikea shopping cart and go for the real deal instead.

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