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Recycled Firefighter

If you’ve ever seen a real-time rescue (or the movie Backdraft), then you’re 100% aware that firefighters have one of the toughest jobs out there. Brave enough to handle some of the most extreme and grueling conditions known to man, firefighters must be equipped with incredibly durable gear that leaves zero margin of error. After 12 years of firefighting service, Jake Starr recognized that the value of this heavy-duty equipment didn’t just disappear after being decommissioned. He began repurposing old combat boots and firehouse equipment into hardwearing everyday items, and wound up with a full-fledged business designing indestructible wallets. Take the Fire Hose Rookie—a badass bi-fold, built from decommissioned fire hose, combined with a mil-spec nylon cash strap and full-grain leather card sleeves. Each of these wallets is completely unique, marked with lettering and patterns distinctive to its firehouse and life of service. While most of us aren’t running in and out of burning buildings, it’s good to know our valuables would survive if we did.

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