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Ratio Coffee

If you’re anything like us (or most air-breathing humans on this planet), then you’re probably obsessed with coffee. So when there’s a breakthrough in the world of coffee making, we get pretty amped about it. For years we’ve been using unsightly coffeemakers to pour our office brew — a growing graveyard of bulky Mr. Coffees stashed away under the sink — that is until we met RATIO. It’s by far the sleekest automatic coffee maker we’ve ever seen. The founder, who’d been collecting high-end espresso machines over at Clive Coffee, realized there was a huge disconnect between minimal design and the convenience of automatic machines. With a team of scientists and designers, they set out to create a stripped down coffeemaker, using simple materials and a precision pour over design. Not only does it dress up your countertop, but it makes a damn good cuppa coffee.

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