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Rancourt & Co.

At first glance, it’s not hard to see that Rancourt makes great shoes here in the United States—maybe some of the best, provided you’ve been lucky enough to own a pair. But take a deeper look at the Rancourt story and you’ll discover the resurrection of a legacy of American manufacturing in Lewiston, Maine following a near-catastrophic off-shoring of the town’s vital workforce. It took Kyle Rancourt and his father going after their dream of starting a shoe company to help preserve the former glory of Lewiston, and reinforce Maine’s place in the pantheon of superlative leather goods. Each pair is cut and sewn over 100+ steps by skilled shoemakers, some of whom have been on the job for decades. And to this day, the Rancourts themselves still check every handmade pair before they ship out of the factory.

As of lately, the Rancourts have been double-checking our annual collection of exclusive boots to ensure everything’s ship-shape. Made just for our shop for the last three years and counting, the Brunswick and Wolf Boots are now cast in new leathers sourced from the best tanneries in the world. Stacked next to the brand-new Russell Boot that takes casual outings by the horns, and you’ve got, perhaps, a collection that’s bound to impress.

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