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It’s not every day that you read about a piece of luggage in Sports Illustrated, but that’s where we first heard about Raden’s minimalist, technically savvy travel cases. From The Warriors’ Draymond Green to GQ all the way to Oprah, everyone agreed: this is one super-intelligent piece of portage. Anything you could need on a weekend getaway (or 40+ away games) has made its way into the Raden’s ultra-light, ultra-tough polycarbonate case. Two integrated USB ports can charge your phone up to 4 full times in the airport, on the go, or overseas, and the battery pack is removable to keep the juice flowing when you’re out exploring or watching movies on the way home. Where the Raden has a real leg up on similarly tech-y luggage is the integrated iPhone app, an ingenious little addition that lets you track your bag so you don’t have to rub shoulders at the baggage claim, weighs it using a device in the handle to avoid dreaded overage fees, and even shows you things like the weather at your destination. Add in some smooth-as-glass Japanese Hinomoto wheels for Michael Bay-style 360° spins and you just might have the most useful bit of traveling gear since Charles Dopp invented the Dopp Kit.

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