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Quiet Carry

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." - Theodore Roosevelt

President Roosevelt’s advice, attributed to a West African proverb, carried America through the turbulent start of the 20th century. Things have changed a little since then, so we'll suggest a more subtle approach: speak softly and carry a bit of streamlined, minimalism from Quiet Carry. Lots of EDC manufacturers talk a big game about considered details and design, but nobody quite nails it the way they do. Since their founder and head designer Bryce Alexander launched their first knife, the Bandit, to a veritable parade of Kickstarter tickertape, they’ve been (quietly) creating some of the coolest knives we’ve seen yet.

True believers in the modernist ideal that form follows function, every one QC’s knives are crafted from top-quality materials. You can feel it from the titanium body of The Strand — rendered in the same Grade 5 titanium used to build rocket ships — to the smooth PVD coating on The West’s stealth variant, down to the phosphor bronze washers that hold them both together. Every model is a joy to behold — and to hold. This spring, we’re upgrading our arsenal with an extremely limited edition: The Strand in Stone Wash with a hit of sky blue on the thumb stud. Because hey, you gotta show off a little.

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