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Pull Start Fire

Pull-String Fire Starter - 9-Pack






9 Packable fire starters that ignite with a drawcord and sustains a flame even in monsoon-worthy conditions

There are a few milestones that mankind achieved that really made us take a step back and say “wow”. We sent a man to the moon before cell phones existed, Alex Honnold free soloed El Capitan, and Pull Start Fire found a way to ignite and sustain a fire no matter the environment. This compact, easy-to-operate device lights and maintains a fire for 30 minutes with a single pull from a drawcord. The ingenious design has proven to excel in all conditions—200+ mph winds, tropical storms, igniting wet logs—and fits in your pack for easy access on the road to build a roaring campfire or stashes easily in your toolkit for summertime cookouts in the backyard.

  • Loop the green string around a log to secure it in place
  • Build a structure of logs around the Pull Start to allow ample airflow and burning opportunity
  • Pull the red drawcord and let the Pull Start work its magic

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