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Stash Book in Fiberglass Plastics


Color: Fiberglass Plastics

H 7 in. x W 5.5 in. x D 1 in.
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A velvet-lined trinket box disguised as a vintage book for sneaky safekeeping

This is the kind of hidden-gem vintage shop that makes you feel cool just for knowing it exists. Founded in Japan in 2007, Puebco is centered around the idea that all things—including household objects—have a life and a story. All their products are handmade with recycled materials, making each one a unique individual with its own imperfect details. Disguised as a technically-titled tome with a vintage patina, the Empty Book keeps your valuables discreetly tucked away and adds a pop of character to your shelf or coffee table at the same time.

  • Cleverly designed book box keeps your valuables tucked away
  • Velvet-lined interior ensures your essentials stay protected while inside
  • Each book box has a personality of its own for an authentic vintage fee
  • Dense-sounding titles discourage a curious visitor from idly cracking it open
  • Can be added to your bookshelf for sneaky safekeeping of valuables, or left on a desk or coffee table to neatly organize small essentials out of sight
  • PU, MDF, Velvet
  • 6¾” H x 4½” W x 1” D

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