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Vintage Bivouac Trivet


Color: Green



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Recycled, repurposed, and hand crafted with a personal touch that's hard to beat

This is the kind of hidden-gem vintage shop that makes you feel cool just for knowing it exists. Founded in Japan in 2007, Puebco is centered around the idea that all things—including household objects—have a life and a story. All their products are handmade with recycled materials, making each one a unique individual with its own imperfect details. For the Vintage Bivouac Trivet they turned recycled lean-to shelter material into a great way to keep hot pans from damaging your countertop.

Please Note: Due to the repurposed nature of this product, no two pieces will be exactly the same—slight variations will occur

  • Recycled fabric from old tent shelters
  • Protect surfaces from hot dishes, pots, and pans
  • A vintage patina with that heritage, passed-down look

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