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Vintage Equipment Box


Color: Olive




Japanese-made home goods constructed from upcycled materials with a unique style

Focusing on repurposing and less on replacing, Puebco is a Japanese home goods brand that uses vintage design and refurbished materials to create home appliances and accents that are truly one-of-a-kind. Intended to haul and stash all your loose ends, the Vintage Equipment Box is a distressed storage bin that’s perfect for work tools, art supplies, old books, and anything else you need wrangled under one roof.

  • Heavy-duty canvas and iron construction
  • Vintage style adds a nice touch of refinement to the home
  • Flap and buckle closure securely stashes your goods
  • Each one has a distressed look and feel due to the nature of repurposed materials
  • Made in Japan from repurposed materials

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