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Princeton Audio

Spend a little time around musicians, and sooner or later you’ll become embroiled in endless conversations about “tone,” that mysterious extra that separates good instruments from great ones—and the day players from the legends. Strip away all the pedals and processing, and you’ll find that tone comes from one place: the wood. The wood an instrument is made of determines its unique sonic signature, imparting characteristics like clarity, definition and sustain in varying degrees.

For example, the maple hollow body of the Gibson Les Paul imparts it’s characteristic brightness, Mahogany is the powerhouse that gives the legendary Gibson SG it’s sweet, sweet lows, and classic ’50 Fender guitars are famous for their American Swamp Ash … but we digress. Our point is this: you wouldn’t buy a guitar made of plastic, so why would you listen to a plastic speaker?

That’s the line of thinking Princeton, WI native Michael Pelland was following when he dreamed up (literally) the design for a new kind of speaker, built like any other instrument—from solid tonewood, to match the kind of music it was made to play. Princeton’s award-winning build powers a 20 Watt amp, Bluetooth 4.1 connection, and an audiophile-level Digital to Analog Converter, to generate the most pristine sound regardless of the source.

Built by hand in their hometown of Princeton, each one is backed by their exceptional 10-year warranty, and comes with something else we’ve never seen on a speaker—the ability to upgrade as technology changes. So 5 years from now, when the ‘tooth goes out of style, your Princeton speaker won’t end up in the junk heap: just pop out the external interface and replace it with whatever’s new. Like a classic guitar, a speaker should last you a lifetime—we may have just found our soulmate.

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