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Roald Amundsen relied on a Primus stove for the first trek ever to the South Pole way back in 1911, just like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay relied on it during the first summit of Mount Everest. So you could say these guys have earned themselves some industry credibility over the years — 126 of ‘em to be exact, since they started up in 1892. With that same legendary quality and durability, they’ve gone and built a lineup of sleek and portable fire pits tailored for adventure and for the city. The Kuchoma Grill has a slick, compact grill design that’s easy to pack up and take almost anywhere without forfeiting any grill-master quality (plus, it looks a hell lot better than that rusty grill out back) — so your summer BBQ is cooked to perfection whether you’re hosting a rooftop cookout, or up at “Yose” for the weekend.

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