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PowerUp 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane


Color: Red




Channel your inner Maverick with PowerUp’s cutting-edge, motorized paper airplanes

Forget the days spent in fourth grade trying to crudely fold a piece of notebook paper into a paper airplane for a max flight time of two seconds—PowerUp is here to give the paper airplane a new life. The PowerUp 3 is a 21st century paper airplane that allows you to control the flight pattern of the paper airplane from your smartphone. Simple to setup and easy to operate, the PowerUp utilizes a crash-proof design and multiple airplane blueprints for an exciting flight every time. Grab your pilot’s goggles, download the free control app, and you’re clear for takeoff.

  • Using a Bluetooth-paired smartphone and the free POWERUP App, you can maneuver your handmade paper airplane by tilting your device right or left and ascend or descend using the app‘s throttle lever
  • Built-in intuitive control for easier flying and minimal hassle
  • Compatible with nearly any paper airplane design
  • The crossbar stabilizer improves the stability and flight
  • Crash-proof carbon fiber design ensure a long lifetime
  • Super lightweight at only 14 grams
  • Includes four paper airplane templates, a spare propeller, user guide, and display stand

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