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Power Practical

"The spread of civilisation may be likened to a fire; first, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power." - Nicola Tesla

The biggest asset any inventor can have is a good business partner. Without the help of ingenious promoter and financier George Westinghouse, the world might never met Nicola Tesla’s history-altering invention, Alternating Current, at the World Columbian Exposition in 1893. Luckily for today’s inventors, there’s a little thing called Shark Tank. When Power Practical Co-Founder Caleb Light went on in 2013 with Power Practical’s first product, the Power Pot, he found his Westinghouse — in larger-than-life business man Mark Cuban. Backing secured, Light and Power Practical were free to do what they do best: engineer awesome new ways to use, create, and store the power that illuminates the outdoors, keeps our cell phones playing our favorite songs, and even gets our fires going on cold, windy nights.

Speaking of, there probably isn’t a cooler way to get a fire started outdoors than Power Practical’s newest product, the Sparkr, a tech’d-out LED flashlight that packs a tiny arc plasma lighter on the back that could have come from the desk of Tesla himself. It’s in good company with other Power Practical inventions, like the magnetized Luminoodle light rope, our new favorite party-time camping light, and their more …er … practical offerings like the tiny, LED-lit Pronto battery and USB charger. To quote one of our favorite childhood TV memories: "What will they think of next?"

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