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Whiskey Tasting Set in Clear


Color: Clear

13 fl oz
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A French-designed set that chills your whiskey while enhancing its aroma

When you get ahold of the good stuff—a WhistlePig 15 Year, a Booker’s 30th Anniversary, a Macallan 18—you can’t just pour it in a coffee mug. Well you can, but this set will extract far more pleasure out of your well-deserved investment. The Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Tasting Set is designed to hold back the alcohol burn while releasing the subtle aromas of the spirit. At the same time, the base cools your whiskey to around 45°F in just a few minutes without any ice dilution, letting you enjoy the good stuff in the best way possible.

What’s Included

  • One whiskey tasting glass
  • Leatherette coaster
  • Metal chilling base

  • Purpose-designed glass shape captures alcohol burn while releasing aroma
  • Metal base chills spirits without watering them down
  • Thick black coaster adds another layer of style
  • Ideal for enjoying whiskies, bourbons, Cognacs, dark rums, and aged tequilas
  • Tasting glass: Hand-blown glass
  • Coaster: Black leatherette
  • Chilling base: Metal

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