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Peak Design

There’s regular bags and then there’s the cosmic-brain creations out of Peak Design—engineering marvels that led us to call their Everyday Backpack “the Ironman of packs.” See, through years of rigorous research and product testing, they’ve arrived at carry innovations nobody else has thought of. That means everything from customizable internal organization inspired by origami to simply the most convenient handles and zippers we’ve ever used.

Their award-winning, best-selling lineup has gone back to the lab for a full V2 treatment, and yes, it delivers. Camera enthusiasts and everyday commuters—hell, anyone who carries a bag—listen up. Peaks’ V2 bags improve on everything the originals had to offer, from new bombproof hardware that’ll last decades to sleeker designs for an overall sharper look. Plus, they dropped brand-new additions like the Everyday Backpack Zip and Everyday Totepack to bring their technical prowess to new carry frontiers. For Peak Design devotees and newcomers alike, there’s never been a better time load one up and go.

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