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The City Radio


Color: Red/Sand




Listen to radio stations from around the world with the push of a bright red button

There’s one type of travel that’s always ready at the drop of a hat: mental vacations, or, travels of the mind. If that sounds pretty namby-pamby, wait until you see what we mean. Inside this handheld radio are 18 windows into the cityscapes of 18 international locations. Streaming live radio from whichever far-off locale you prefer, The CityRadio is a living, immediate connection to the authentic sounds, music, language, and culture of vibrant cities across the globe. Turn it on, tune in, and let your mind wander while your passport stays stowed in a drawer.

  • A handheld device that streams live radio from 18 international cities
  • Each city button automatically tunes in the first available radio from the printed city
  • Press the arrow keys on top of the device to tune in other stations
  • Requires a bluetooth connection and the CityRadio app
  • Rechargeable battery allows four hours of operation and can also run on direct power
  • Can also act as a traditional Bluetooth speaker
  • Available cities include: Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Havana, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Moscow, Nairobi, New York, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo

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